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Analyzing and solving both complex and basic energy problems may require more than visual inspections, basic energy audits, and manual calculations of energy savings results.  Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's) recommended for implementation, should take into consideration interactive measures where multiple recommendations are being considered.  In a more expanded case, energy analyses may take into account more variables that can actually be handled effectively, through manually developed solutions, to determine true net energy savings.

In order to effectively assist both current and perspective client's needs, computerized energy consulting services are offered to handle unique and complex energy problems, as well as many basic problems in a more efficient manner.

This service can be utilized for solving energy problems in both existing facilities and in planning future facilities.  Some of the problem areas which computerized energy consulting services can assist in solving your energy problems include:

bulletEvaluating Building Energy Systems
bulletAnalyze Co-generation Applications
bulletCalculating and Determining Heating and Cooling Load Requirements of a building
bulletAnalyze Alternative Power Supply System Alternatives
bulletCalculation of Effective Interior Lighting Requirements
bulletAnalyze Multiple Cooling System and Hybrid Applications
bulletCalculating the Energy Use of a Building and its Life-Cycle Cost of Operation
pertaining to Building Location, Construction, Operation, and HVAC equipment.


Last modified: 09/15/20