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                            KENNETH J. KOGUT, Ph.D., P.E., CEM, GBE, CSDP

                                        CONSULTING ENGINEER
                            ENERGY AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT

Mr. Kogut, of Kenneth J. Kogut & Associates, maintains a professional energy and management consulting practice serving clients in the commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental sectors.  Through the efforts of Mr. Kogut, his organization, established in 1979, has provided professional energy consulting services in the areas of energy audits and the development and implementation of energy management programs, facility enhancements, energy conservations projects, energy star applications, and environmental endeavors, for his organization's clientele.  Mr. Kogut has been actively involved in the energy field in the capacities of designing, developing, managing and implementing energy management programs, energy rate analysis, energy conservation projects, facility renovation projects, and environmental programs for over forty years.

He has been involved with federal and state energy grant programs for schools and hospitals since 1979.  Mr. Kogut has also been involved with direct electric and gas energy purchase reviews, since the inception of deregulation of the gas and electric industries. Mr. Kogut has accomplished energy reviews and assessments for the organization's clientele across the North American continent, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  He has also conducted various energy reviews in both northern and eastern European countries.

Prior to the establishment of his organization, Mr. Kogut assisted in developing testimony to the Washington, D.C. Public Service Commission in one of the first time-of-day rate cases in the country.  Mr. Kogut was also involved in the development of one of the first electric rate structures for the eastern part of Saudi Arabia.  He additionally has consulted to various electric and gas utilities in aspects of utility operations, and, as a consulting engineer, was responsible for technological forecasting and development of electric usage rate structures, and feasibility studies associated with the state-of-the-art and advanced energy systems for the electric utility industry.

Mr. Kogut has published a number of papers on the subject of energy, is a registered professional Engineer (P.E.) in the States of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Utah, and Wisconsin, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Green Building Engineering (GBE), Certified Sustainable Design Professional (CSDP), and a certified instructor with the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA). He presently holds active memberships in the Association of Energy Engineers (Intl Pres.-1998), Environmental Engineers & Managers Institute of AEE, the Energy Services Marketing Society of AEE, and both the Illinois and National Societies of Professional Engineers. Mr. Kogut is also currently listed in several Who's Who, including Who's Who in the World, and Who's Who in Science and Engineering. He is a recipient of a number of energy awards, for the development of energy programs, and design of energy efficient systems. In 2002, Mr. Kogut was inducted into the AEE Energy Managers Hall of Fame. Mr. Kogut holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BME), a Master of Engineering (ME) degree from the University of Detroit, and a Ph.D. from Lacrosse University in Engineering Management. In addition, he also was an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow while at the University of Detroit.




Association Of Energy Engineers
(International President - 1998)

Environmental Engineers and Managers Institute/AEE

Energy Services Marketing Institute/AEE

Demand-Side Management Society/AEE

Illinois and National Society of Professional Engineers

American Nuclear Society-Chicago Section