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Kenneth J. Kogut & Associates, established in 1979, is an independent professional consulting organization.  The Organization was established for the purpose of providing suitable professional and highly personable consulting capabilities for the direct resolution to varied levels of complex problems.  Kogut & Associates has served clientele in a professional consulting capacity on a local, national, and international basis, in the institutional (educational), hospital, commercial, and governmental sectors.

As many professionals are aware of, independent consulting services can play an integral part in many of today's businesses.  Independent assessments, designs, consultations, and technical feasibility analyses can provide additional input leading to sound management decisions, resulting in increased operating margins, and greater mobility in business strategies.

As an independent professional consulting practice, Kogut & Associates offers an attractive alternative to specialized consulting firms.  Some of the specific areas in which professional consultation and independent analyses are provided include:

    *    Direct Elec./Gas Energy Purchase Reviews

      *    Building Systems Design

          *    Independent Facility Energy Assessments

              *    Development of Strategic Facility Energy Management Plans

                *    Energy Grant Program Assistance

                    *    Independent Energy Rate Reviews

                        *    Systems Engineering Reviews

                            *    Environmental Regulations Reviews

                                *    Economic Impact Studies

The professional consulting services of Kogut & Associates are supported by independent and seasoned professional architectural, engineering, and management consulting associates.  We would be pleased to discuss our capabilities in addressing your specific areas of concern.


Last modified: 09/15/20